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You will be required to complete an "adoption application form" to reserve a dog. Once the dog has completed its seven day holding period the dog has had all the necessary vaccines, neutering etc... we will then contact you to arrange a home visit. This is to make sure your environment is suitable for the dog you have chosen.
Once you have passed the home check requirements we will make an appointment for you and your family to come and spend a minimum of 1 hour with the dog, this way you get to bond with the dog and at the same time make sure the dog is the right dog for you! and of course this gives to dog time to make it's mind up about you as well. It is important that both adopter and dog are happy with each other.


As we don't have the facilities to carry out home visits on all the cats you will be asked questions about the type of home you can offer a cat etc... We will then advise you of the cat's personality and which cat may be best for you.
We may want to carry out a home visit before we allow an adoption to go ahead!
You will need recent and clear I.D and a cat carrier on adoption of a cat.

Dog adoption fee: £70 - £150

Cat adoption fee; £45 - £75

The Destitute Animal Shelter reserves the right to refuse an adoption application if in our opinion the potential adopter is unsuitable.