For a number of years now we have been giving CHIPS to every dog that comes in to the shelter -YUMMY! Sorry to disappoint you dogs - these are microchips. The chips are injected under the skin (Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing, “I didn’t” reports Spike) These chips are a kind of electronic name tag which can’t get lost. Dogs and cats brought to the shelter are scanned with a hand-held scanner and if they have been ‘chipped’ a number appears on the scanner screen. This number tells us who your owner is. Clever heh?

We will Identi-chip cats and dogs for £7.00 (Free for dogs if you are on benefit)
(Please ring to make an appointment.)
It is a quick painless injection in to the area between the dog’s shoulder blades.There is a registration form to fill in and confirmation will be posted to you within 4 weeks. If your pet becomes lost and is taken in by the police, dog wardens or your local animal shelter they will scan the animal for an I.D chip and a 15 digit number will appear on the scanner, this number allows the finder to trace the animals owners in seconds. It is also very important that you keep your address up to date.