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The animals listed below are only a small selection of those in our care. The list is changing every day. If you think you may be able to give one of these a home please telephone the Shelter for more details.


LAST UPDATED ON 14 September 2018

6 year old Greyhound

Blake was handed into a vets after being attacked by another dog - his owner would not pay to treat him so the Vets payed for his treatment and then the Shelter took him in.The attack has left Blake with more physical scars than psycological - although he lived with another Greyhound he is now a little wary of other dogs and tends to shy away from them now.
Blake is very loving, playful and in short is a gentle giant. He will make a loyal and loving companion.
Older children should be fine and NO CATS - He is housetrained.

2 year old French Bull Dog
Eric has double incontinence due to his brain not sending signals to the bladder or bowl thus he has to wear a nappy whilst in the home and this will be for the rest of his life.
He also has a megaesophagus - this means he has to be fed small meals to prevent him regurgitating his food.
He has a great personality and is very tolerant of all the washes, sudacrem applications and cuddles he gets on a daily basis
He is ok with other dogs (neutered dogs only) and does not mind cats. He can get a bit mouthy when he gets excited.
He will need a quiet home with no children - He finds a busy household a little too much and he does get car sick
Anyone wishing to adopted Eric will have to spend time over a few days or even weeks getting to know him as he has attached himself to the staff at the Shelter and he thinks this is his home!
His adopter will need to be patient, understanding of his condition and someone must be at home most of the day to be able to change his nappies and clean him

12 month old cross breed (medium size)
Dougle is a quiet and reserved young chap. He can be very loving and playful. He has spent most of his life roaming the streets so has no recall skills thus will run off if let off the lead and may try to jump through open windows. He is great with dogs so we will be looking for a new home with other dogs (neutered only) Children 5+
will be fine. He does not like having a bath - he does not bite he just panics. He will need a patient and understanding adopter with the time to work with him
A secure high fenced garden is a must.

10 month old American Bull Dog
Tyson has had little nor no training in his previous home and was never exercised. He is a good dog, not a bad bone in his very big body but he is very immature and still thinks he is a six week old little pup. He is very loving and playful and is good with other dogs and although is good with children we would only re-home him with teenagers and over - this is due to his lack of manners and training. He will need an adopter with the time and patience to train him - He cant be left tin the home alone so needs someone at home a lot - He is quite good on the lead and does not pull - Tyson will require lots and lots of things to do and see.



13 month old Shar Pei/Husky cross

Pepper is a great dog, very loving, playful and good manners. She has met a dog and she is not very comfortable around them so she will need to be the only pet. In time with socialisation she may become more accepting of dogs. She is a little shy but soon warms to you.

She is housetrained but due to her age she will need someone in part of the day. Older children should be fine.

6 year old Lurcher
Sam is a great dog, he is fun and makes you laugh. He is playful and loving and can be quite lazy as well. He will need to be the only pet, no cats or small dogs.
He is obsessed with teddy's and likes rip them up to see what's inside. He is fine with children (6 years +)
He has been worked so caution is needed when out and about with small animals.

12 month old Whippet x
Cha cha is a great dog, full of fun and happiness
She is very active and very intelligent so will need an adopter who will stimulate her mind and take her out for lots of exercise
She will need to be the only pet in the home as she is not dog/cat friendly
She is very loving but due to a lack of manners around children she would be best with teenagers and older. She is housetrained

6 year old cross breed (gsd cross)
Lucy was handed in as a stray - she had suffered injuries to her legs and head - we are convinced that her owner handed her in because they did not want to pay vets bills as a total stranger would not have been able to get near her at that time.
We have took our time with her as she is shy and nervous and did not want to trust humans. She has come on in leaps and bounds now and we think she is now ready to go into a home (hopefully) She is fine on a walk now - although she can get spooked she recovers well. she now shows us she is loving and playful. She does not get on with other dogs so needs a child/pet free home. Her adopter my have to get to know her over a period of time due to her insecurities .


7 year old Alsatian

Minni is a very loving, kind and gentle dog with adults and children - she likes being groomed and playing fetch
She is housetrained. Minni is not dog/cat friendly so would need to be the only pet in the home –

She would need an experienced adopter - (children over 8 years)

Chico - 6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Chico came in a stray and although his owner knows he is here she has not claimed him or communicated with us. Chico is very active, playful and very loving. Although he tolerates other dogs if they leave him alone he is best being the only pet (no cats)
He is good with children (6+). He will need someone at home most of the day as he suffers from separation anxiety this is due to being passed from home to home.

Nacho (was Bailey)

5 year old Chihuahua (very small)

Nacho was found dodging traffic and the people on the chip have denied ownership. We think this little dog was hit by a car as he had a black eye,
cuts and bruises when he came in. We don't know whether a hit on the head has made him temperamental or whether he has always been like this.
Nacho will only allow ONE person in his life anymore and is has a major attitude problem. He will NOT get on with other dogs at all of any size or age.
There is no doubt he has been a "handbag dog" - this again has probably added to his issues. He has to be muzzled when at the vets.
We will only consider an adopter who is on their own , no children and no pets - you must have experience of this breed and their issues.

5 year old American Bull Dog
Pablo has been locked in a garden since he was a puppy with very little socialisation and when his owner landed himself in prison he was no longer wanted by the family.
Pablo has adjusted very well to life (all be it in kennels) He loves his walkies –
he is good on the lead but due to his size and lack of fitness he is slow and likes short walkies –
He is good with most dogs (only neutered) He loves his walkies with Eric the French Bull Dog :-) and Tina our resident Alsatian.
He is very loving and sometimes becomes a bit amorous. His adopter will need to have experience with large dogs and live a calm and quiet life.
No Children and although he is ok with most dogs (if they are neutered, he does not like un-neutered males or brown fluffy dogs) he is best as the only pet.


16 month old Pug cross

Sushi is a great little dog, she is loving, playful, well-mannered and sociable.

She is fine with other dog and cats. Children 5+
Sushi is a very sweet little dog - (other dogs must be neutered)