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The animals listed below are only a small selection of those in our care. The list is changing every day. If you think you may be able to give one of these a home please telephone the Shelter for more details

LAST UPDATED ON 30 December 2017

12 month old Lurcher (large)
Tess is a lovely, gentle and very loving young lady.
She is a little shy at first but soon warms to you
She is the same with dogs, shy at first them loves to play with them.
She will be fine, although a little clumsy with children (6+)
She chases cats . She will need basic training

6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Bruno is another dog who has been handed in as a stray by his owner because they didn't have time for him. Bruno is very obedient and is well trained - he is ok with cats and other dogs but as he can be very randy he will best living as the only dog in the home - but he is not looking to cause trouble with other dogs.
Children will need to be 10 + as he is very b
g and strong and can get very giddy if excited. He is housetrained.

3 year old Husky cross
Peter is quite aloof at first and can seem quite uninterested in anything - but once you get to know him he can be very playful
He does not show much affection and is very chilled in the home
He is good with children (6+) He has no issues with dogs - but again is indifferent to them - He has been a family pet.

Dillon - REHOMED
3 year old Lab/Dobermann cross
Dillon is very immature - still thinks he is 8 weeks old - he just wants you to pick him up and cuddle him! He is very eager to please and likes his treats so with time and patience should be easy to train as this is something that will be ongoing - although immature he is clever and is very attentive - he loves playing fetch. He has not been socialised around other dogs so will need to be the only pet - When he first came in he was coated in his own urine so we think he has been locked up in a crate so now he has his freedom he gets very excited - older children should be fine.


6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross
Bailey was tied to post by his owner and watching them walk away knocked his confidence for six - we know who his owner is but they will not communicate with us. it seems Bailey has not had a great life –
he flinches a lot as though he is expecting a good hiding and does not like loud or angry people.
He likes calm and kind people and is very loving and obedient when he lets you into his world. He will need to be the only pet in the home. He does kennel guard so if you are interested you
will need to see him out of his kennel. He still has a long way to go trusting humans again

6 year old Lurcher
Sam is a great dog, he is fun and makes you laugh. He is playful and loving and can be quite lazy as well. He will need to be the only pet, no cats or small dogs.
He is obsessed with teddy's and likes rip them up to see what's inside. He is fine with children (6 years +)
He has been worked so caution is needed when out and about with small animals.

15 month old Patterdale cross
Gary is a very active dog, loads of energy and great enthusiasm for life. He is reactive to his environment so would need a calm home, with no other pets or young children.
He loves his toys especially tennis balls. He can be very loving. He will need further basic training. He has had his left eye removed due to glaucoma and there is a chance that he may loose his other eye in the future. His adopter will need patience and experience and be quite active as well.

12 month old Whippet x
Cha cha is a great dog, full of fun and happiness
She is very active and very intelligent so will need an adopter who will stimulate her mind and take her out for lots of exercise
She will need to be the only pet in the home as she is not dog/cat friendly
She is very loving but due to a lack of manners around children she would be best with teenagers and older. She is housetrained

6 year old cross breed (gsd cross)
Lucy was handed in as a stray - she had suffered injuries to her legs and head - we are convinced that her owner handed her in because they did not want to pay vets bills as a total stranger would not have been able to get near her at that time.
We have took our time with her as she is shy and nervous and did not want to trust humans. She has come on in leaps and bounds now and we think she is now ready to go into a home (hopefully) She is fine on a walk now - although she can get spooked she recovers well. she now shows us she is loving and playful. She does not get on with other dogs so needs a child/pet free home. Her adopter my have to get to know her over a period of time due to her insecurities .


returned adoption 15/12/17
5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Frankie is a very loving, playful and a loyal dog. she is housetrained and good with children 10 +
she will need to be the only pet in the home
She will need some further lead training


8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Patch was handed in by her owner who when asked about her history ran off never to be seen again!

She is a very loving little Staff - loves sitting on the sofa having cuddles. She likes playing fetch and is quite active for an older dog.
She will need to be the only pet and will be fine with children over 6. She is a little bit thin but she should fill out in time.


8 year old cross breed (very healthy & fit)

Rufus is a very loyal, loving and obedient dog. He loves playing and chasing balls - He loves his cuddles and his belly rubbed.
He is housetrained - he would be best as the only dog. He would suit an active retired person or couple

2 year old domestic short coat
Toffee has been in our care for more than 12 months now.
She is a very independent cat and will only allow you to stroke her head.
She will need an adult home only with no other pets.
Her adopter will need to be understanding of her many quirks.


7 month old cross breed
Teddy is very loving, sociable and great fun. although he is very good with other dogs he is intense and will play all day long so the other dog must be as playful and active as Teddy. He has no aggression towards cats but does chase and bark at them
He is very clean in the home providing he is not left for long periods of time. He can be a little ignorant and needs more work on recall - he will be fine with children 6 and over