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The animals listed below are only a small selection of those in our care. The list is changing every day. If you think you may be able to give one of these a home please telephone the Shelter for more details.



7 year old SBT
Marley is a wonderful dog, he is loving, playful, sociable and good in the house. He is good with kids (6+). He does need to be the only pet in the home but keeps himself to himself on a walk.
He was adopted but returned after 2 weeks because he does pull on the lead and as he is strong he can be difficult to walk so he will need someone strong and with patience and time to
train him and not give up on the first hurdle.
Marley does not cope well in kennels and becomes very stressed


17 month old Jack Russell

Jack is a very loving dog, loves to wash you and jump into your arms for a cuddle. He is fine with children 8+.
Jack is extremely active in the home and when out on a walk so will need lots of exercise and things to do.
Jack will have to be the only pet as he is not sociable around other animals.

3 year old Shih Tzu
Chase was in a terrible state when he came to us - his previous owners had allowed his allergies to become out of control, he was bald, grumpy and his skin was very inflamed
I took a few weeks to get him better with hypoallergenic food, antihistamine and the odd trip to the vets for a special injection. However he has remained grumpy and needs to be muzzled at the vets, also he needs to have the same dog groomer who will get used to him over time when he has his hair cut, its his face he does not like being touched too much.
He is great with other dogs (no cats). Chase will need an experienced adopter used to grumpy Shizzas - but he will also be very very loving and loyal once he trusts you.

2 year old Elk Hound
Loki is quite an immature dog, it is obvious he has been left to his own devices and has never been taught manners. He is very loving, playful and happy. He does not mind being brushed as this is attention and this is what he craves.
Adults only. Although he is good with other dogs he will need to be the only pet as he is a sex pest and you cant expect another dog to put up with this – and yes he is neutered. He will need someone at home most of the day due to his insecurities and his desire to be cuddled.

12 month old cross breed (medium)
Amber is a great dog, she is very loving, playful and full of life and happiness. She just loves being cuddled and playing chase with the tennis ball. She is great with other dogs
. We think she has been crated most of her puppy-hood so will need basic training in the home and on the lead. Children 5 + will be fine

6 year old Lurcher
Sam is a great dog, he is fun and makes you laugh. He is playful and loving and can be quite lazy as well. He will need to be the only pet, no cats or small dogs.
He is obsessed with teddy's and likes rip them up to see what's inside. He is fine with children (6 years +)
He has been worked so caution is needed when out and about with small animals.

12 month old Olde Tyme Bull dog cross
Luna is a wonderful dog, she is very loving, attentive and playful. She is a little low in confidence and does not take to everyone she meets. She loves other dogs more than she loves humans and will not go for a walk without a dog by her side so we will be looking for a home who already have a young, robust, active and very playful dog (neutered).
When you ask her to sit she does not move an inch, she is like a statute. She will need further training in the home ect...
Older children should be fine

8 year old English Setter
Oliver's world fell apart when his owner refused to claim him - instead choosing to go on holiday, he would not even tell us the dogs name. Oliver has not settled in at all - he is scared of his own shadow and will not let us in
- He will show a few seconds of affection but that’s it, he does not play all he wants to do is go home. He is not interested in other dogs, he just ignores them. He needs a quiet and calm home in a quiet area and someone experienced with this breed.
We hope once he is re-homed he will start to trust humans again.

12 month old Labrador
Sadie is a happy, bouncy, loving and very playful young lady.
She is fine with other dogs and fine with cats.
she does lack manners and will need some serious lead training as she does pull and she is a strong dog.
Children 6+ used to big bouncy dogs will be fine.

Chico - 6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Chico came in a stray and although his owner knows he is here she has not claimed him or communicated with us. Chico is very active, playful and very loving. Although he tolerates other dogs if they leave him alone he is best being the only pet (no cats)
He is good with children (6+). He will need someone at home most of the day as he suffers from separation anxiety this is due to being passed from home to home.

8 month old Cross Breed
Stella was found tied to a bridge in Little Lever but thankfully being abandoned has not affected her. Stella is a whirl wind and loves life to the full.
She is good with other dogs and will insist on playing rough with them. She is very active and will require ongoing training and lots of exercise.
She has little or no manners but is very attentive and very trainable due to her high intelligence. She has a good nature and is full of love to give and you will get the love weather you want it or not!
She will need a home with older robust children that are used to dogs bouncing around. She will need someone at home most of the da

8 year old Shar Pei

Tao is a wonderful dog, very gentle, loving and sociable. He is fine with other dogs. He has the usual skin issues and has has one mild bout of fever and secreted Mucin which he got over very quickly so his adopter will have to very knowledgeable on this breed.
We have added Turmeric & black pepper to his hypoallergenic diet and he is much better and has had no further issues. He will be available on our foster scheme
(please visit our website for T&C's of our foster scheme) He will be fine with older children