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The animals listed below are only a small selection of those in our care. The list is changing every day. If you think you may be able to give one of these a home please telephone the Shelter for more details

LAST UPDATED ON 19 June 2017

12 month old Lurcher (large)
Tess is a lovely, gentle and very loving young lady.
She is a little shy at first but soon warms to you
She is the same with dogs, shy at first them loves to play with them.
She will be fine, although a little clumsy with children (6+)
She chases cats . She will need basic training

3 year old Chihuahua/jack Russell cross
Ruby is a wonderful little dog, although very shy at first she is very loving and gentle when she warms to you and as well as being carried
she loves to be out and about.
She is loyal and attentive but will need an adult home only and will need to be the only pet.

Mature English Bull Terrier
Kilo is an old dog who is looking for his forever home . He has some minor medical issues - nothing serious. He is not neutered and will not be as he is too old and may have been used for breeding as he is very randy with other dogs so we think it best he is the only pet - he is a lover not a fighter. He is very playful and loves toys and he will steal them too!!! He is very active for an older dog. He will be best in a adult home only as he has poor eyesight and sometimes thinks you have food in your hands and can grab. He is available for fostering so their will be no vets bills to pay as we will pay them

Jodi - 5 year old cross Breed

Jodie is quite untrusting of humans - we think this is the dog that was roaming around Orlando bridge area for several years.
Once she trusts you she is very loving and well mannered. We think she would be suited to a retired person or couple. She will need to be the only pet and NO children. She is very loyal and will make a great companion - She does guard her kennel so please ask to see her out


5 year old Labrador cross (large)

Shadow is a very well trained and mannered dog - he is eager to please ...
and loves chasing balls (just needs to learn to bring them back) He is fine with dogs. Cats he is ok as long as they don't hiss and spit at him – he will bark and growl back - he is fine with older robust children.


20 month old cross breed (medium/large)

Halo is a great dog, very loving, very sociable around other dogs and good with children (6 and over) He thinks cats are toys and wants to play with them!
He has high energy levels and because he has spent most of his life in and out of various rescue centres he will need basic obedience training. He needs daily grooming - his adopter will need to be able to provide lots of exercise and he will also be active in the house so patience and tolerance is needed from the human.


6 year old Lurcher
Sam is a great dog, he is fun and makes you laugh. He is playful and loving and can be quite lazy as well. He will need to be the only pet, no cats or small dogs.
He is obsessed with teddy's and likes rip them up to see what's inside. He is fine with children (6 years +)
He has been worked so caution is needed when out and about with small animals.

6 year old Terrier cross
Bob is a great little dog, very loving, playful and housetrained.
He is not bothered with dogs on a walk and is fine with nice female dogs but will need to be the only pet in the home as he does not want to share cuddles.
He will need an adult home only (visiting older children should be fine) Bob is a dog that's needs one to one - not a busy household –
a quiet relaxed home will be great for him - ideal for a single person who wants great company. No cats

Cha Cha
12 month old Whippet x
Cha cha is a great dog, full of fun and happiness
She is very active and very intelligent so will need an adopter who will stimulate her mind and take her out for lots of exercise
She will need to be the only pet in the home as she is not dog/cat friendly
She is very loving but due to a lack of manners around children she would be best with teenagers and older. She is housetrained


4 year old Shar Pei
Jenny needs a home with people experienced with this breed and their many quirks. When she is happy she is a wonderful dog, playful, loving and a good house dog.
She does not get on with all dogs so will need to be the only pet.
Due to the many operations she needed to correct her eyes she is a little head shy but their is no malice in her. She is fine with older children and is housetrained.


9 month old Bull Lurcher
Ned is a typical puppy big, bouncy and full of energy. He will require house/obedience training.
He is ok with dogs who are tolerant with silly puppies. He is a large dog but with time & patience
he will be a great dog, older robust children who are used to large dogs

4 year old Staff cross
Chico is here due to his owner passing away. Chico is grieving and is quite stressed and needs a new home urgently. He is a little aloof
with people at first but soon warms to you. He can be loving and is very playful. He is fine with female dogs. He can be vocal. He should be fine with older children.


8 year old cross breed (very healthy & fit)

Rufus is a very loyal, loving and obedient dog. He loves playing and chasing balls - He loves his cuddles and his belly rubbed.
He is housetrained - he would be best as the only dog. He would suit an active retired person or couple

2 year old domestic short coat
Toffee has been in our care for 12 months now.
She is a very independent cat and will only allow you to stroke her head.
She will need an adult home only with no other pets.
Her adopter will need to be understanding of her many quirks.