Who are the volunteers? Well you could be! What would you do? - well everything! There are as many different ways of volunteering as there are people.
The Shelter is a large and complicated set up which needs a wide variety of assistance. The more assistance that we can get from volunteers, the less we have to pay for and therefore we can release money for other uses.
Volunteers offer as much of their free time to the Shelter as they feel they can comfortably offer. The two most obvious forms of volunteering are helping us in the kennels with the day to day running of the Shelter and fund raising in its many and varied forms.

A kennel volunteer must be over eighteen years of age and willing to do hard work and get messy. The rewards are enormous.To see a frightened, underweight and badly treated dog turn into a happy, healthy, family pet is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

This is the less obvious but absolutely essential area for volunteering. Fund raising volunteers seem to have an endless source of ideas for raising the large amounts of money that we need every single day of every single year.
Beyond these, there are many other services that we need or would have use of. If you are considering helping, think of your job, hobbies and interests. I guarantee that we will have need of at least one of these areas. Some examples are; painting and decorating, professional computer assistance (data base etc.), building work, electrical work, the list is endless!

If you are interested in volunteering particularly with fund raising or building type work please contact Karen, Sue or Zoe at the shelter. We will be glad to hear from you.

KarenKaren Rickards
Shelter Manager
ZoeZoe Orchard
Joint Assistant Manager
SueSue Cleary
Joint Assistant Manager